Flow Up

The best mobile app performance monitoring tool.

Introducing FlowUp

FlowUp helps you radically improve your app performance with actionable insight into key metrics including frame time, frames per second, bandwidth, memory consumption, CPU performance, disk usage and much more. Take your app development control to the next level using the FlowUp dashboards just by adding a single line of code.

From developers to developers, FlowUp is built from the experience of senior mobile engineers building great apps for years. Empower your development team with a powerful tool designed to make your development cycle faster and smoother.

Let your app flow up and to the right!

Key Features

Frames Per Second
Quantify how your app is perceived by users. No fuzzy scrolling when loading content. Fast and snappy scrolling are key for a delightful experience.
Network Traffic
Monitor all the TPC/UPD traffic generated by your app, making sure to remove all innecessary requests. Stop now user data draining.
Measure your applications CPU usage at all times. Control how your app is performing in every single device for every single app and Android OS versions.
Know if you app is consuming more memory than it should. Reduce out of memory app errors by optimizing memory usage.
Know how much user device space your app is consuming. Prevent uninstalls and improve user rentention over time.

And much more...

For more information check the documentation.

Let your app flow up and to the right!