360 app monitoring, tackling the essentials.

Your app is your most precious asset. Get to know how it ticks inside out and upside down. With FlowUp your app is not analyzed, it is monitored in production for full transparency and control. By adding a single line of code to your application you will unlock valuable information about your app performance including, frame time, frames per second, CPU usage, memory consumption, bytes allocated, disk usage and TCP/UDP traffic.

Key Features

Frames Per Second
Quantify how your app is perceived by users. No fuzzy scrolling when loading content. Fast and snappy scrolling are key for a delightful experience.
Network Traffic
Monitor all the TPC/UPD traffic generated by your app, making sure to remove all innecessary requests. Stop now user data draining.
Measure your applications CPU usage at all times. Control how your app is performing in every single device for every single app and Android OS versions.
Know if you app is consuming more memory than it should. Reduce out of memory app errors by optimizing memory usage.
Know how much user device space your app is consuming. Prevent uninstalls and improve user rentention over time.

And much more...

Let your app flow up and to the right!